Bulk Edit WordPress Posts

Ever need to make the same change to a bunch of posts?  Don’t wear your fingers to the bone typing and clicking!  Instead, learn how to use Bulk Edit to make all the changes at once.

Organize Posts with Categories

Categories are a great way to organize your posts.  To help your visitors find groups of content (without relying on keyword searches) categories are just the thing.  In this video we show how to create make curated lists of posts that visitors can access on a page or menu item.

Anatomy of a WordPress Page

When you view a page on a WordPress site in your browser, it is constructed of many dynamic parts.  WordPress assembles all these pieces behind the scenes on the web server and shows you the finished product: a beautiful web page.  In this video, we show all the parts that make up a page and where to go in the WordPress dashboard to change each one of them.

Posts Vs. Pages

This was a test post used while making our WordPress Posts Vs. Pages video.

Today we will explain the difference between posts and pages.

Posts are most commonly seen on blog sites, or in the blogging section of a company site. Posts are typically displayed in a list, newest first, with an excerpt of ech one, and a “read more” link to view the whole post.

Pages are geared toward more stable content which stays the same over time, such as the “About Us” page, or a map to our business, or the company mission statement. Pages are typically accessed through navigation features (menus) on the site.