Securing WordPress Content with Passwords

It’s easy to protect a post or page with a password in WordPress.  It’s harder to protect uploaded media files.  Many people fall into a trap where they protect a page full of links to PDFs, not realizing that the PDFs are freely available to people without a password.  In this video we explain the issue and use the Download Monitor plugin to solve it.

Plug In to: Ultimate FAQ

In our “Plug In to:” series, we go deep on a single plugin.  In this video we use Ultimate FAQ to quickly create a FAQ on our site.  We explore many of the options in the free version, and explain some of the advanced features you will find in the paid Pro version.

WordPress SEO 101

The best, fastest, most beautiful web site in the world is worth nothing if the world can’t find it.  “SEO” is the art of convincing search engines to send people your way.  In this video we show how to use a WordPress plugin to add some “google juice” to your site, and do it without spending hours updating your site.

WordPress Pingbacks

Many people use WordPress for months or even years without ever knowing what a Pingback is or how it works.  Don’t be that person!  Watch our latest video which quickly explains what they are, how they work, and what to do if you are swamped with “pingback spam”.